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Friday, February 6, 2009

US Financial Institution Information at your Fingertips

By Paul J. Easton

The American Financial Directory is the hidden secret tool of most influential forces behind the financial sector. What is it? This simple yet very effective tool is a resource filled with complete information for every U.S. financial institution.

The American Financial Directory is one wonderful tool as it is the only one that offers you precise data access on every banking institution including savings and loan, holding company and major credit union in America. With the helpful state indexes, with the complete master index, you can locate any institution by name or ABA routing number in a snap.

Additional features of the American Financial Directory add value to it so that you can process checks or send wire transfers. In addition, you can also initiate ACH transactions for savings institutions, commercial banks, major credit unions, and financial service firms with ease.

The five-volume set American Financial Directory is the definitive way to get the most current financial industry data available anywhere. This set of data allows you to carry out researches for the banking management team including their officers' and director' names. Included also in this set are the banking institution's physical mailing address and web addresses. Important details on the head office and branch location details including their telephone and fax numbers are essentially included to guide you accordingly.

Mergers and name changes of banks and other financial services firms are also announced in the American Financial Directory. The activities in the financial sector are so immensely complicated and dynamic right now that going without this directory is a surefire way to disaster.

If preferring to focus on a certain area of the country, you can have access to a customized version of the American Financial Directory. This provides everything about the banks and other financial companies in the specific state or Federal Reserve System region of your target.

By maintaining fresh and up-to-date information of main banking and financial sector players all over the US, it is consistently publishing twice a year. This directory is printed every January and July for the industry's latest information. Used by financial marketers and professionals for various applications, you will truly appreciate the value of this resource. It is even hard to imagine yourself without one.

This is the all-inclusive multi-category financial services directory you can have today. This directory provides you the best options as a guide in moving forward with your financial venture. With a small investment in these resources, your financial endeavor will soon get through the rainy times.

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