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Friday, February 27, 2009

Debt Relief in Today's Massive Debts

By Paul J. Easton

With increasing marketing coverage and resulting in more people drowned in massive debts, debt management is becoming a vital household issue. Debt management has certainly become a very big problem. With growing debts and unforeseen hardships, every one must consider debt relief sooner than later.

Many options are actually available now, but the best move may actually be you helping yourself first more than anything. Here are some suggestions for starting debt relief and becoming more solvent with your finances.

One of the most important moves is to never end the communication with the creditor. While it is a natural response to stop answering the phone and let the mail stack up unopened, this only worsen things after all.

As much as possible, communicate with your creditors and explain the situation to them. Who knows, maybe they will work with you reduce your total balance by lowering the interest rate or eliminating the late and other charges. The intention to communicate with them certainly expresses your responsibility to pay back and this is risk mitigation for the creditor's part.

Stop using all your credit cards altogether. Whether you file for bankruptcy or sign on with a credit counseling service or debt settlement, you will still be compelled to cut up the cards.

Lastly, always put the plan of getting out of debt a main priority, and work hard to get out of this financial situation.

If you are unsure with the above steps yourself, check with a professional counselor and explore some possible options like debt settlement or debt consolidation. These options will likely reduce your debt by 40-60%. That's a big help with more money saved on interests.

In a year or two, depending on your debt, you will certainly be debt free. Just have some thorough research before signing the deal with any of debt relief strategies. Some companies will take a large upfront fee setting you back further in debt. Some are just plain rip-offs.

Be careful with the claim that the company is non-profit. They will likely ask for a donation, like just another bill to pay. Some will guarantee to protect your credit rating from bankruptcy. This only is marketing and that doesn't mean that your credit rating will come clean. Dealing with a debt relief service has surely a negative impact.

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