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Friday, February 27, 2009

Make The Most Of Low Interest Rate Credit Cards

By Al Swearingen

Low APR credit cards are offered to consumers who have very good to excellent credit histories. These cards have low interest rates as the name suggests as well as offering many other benefits which you may think of as a reward for your history of fiscal responsibility. These are the most desirable kind of credit card and offer perks which include:

*Up 5% cash rebates on select goods *No annual fees *0% APR for up to 15 months on some credit cards *Interest rates as low as 7.99% after the intro period has expired *Your choice of rewards categories

Those are just some of the perks offered to low APR cardholders; responsibility pays off after all, it seems. If you have an excellent credit history, then you can afford to be choosy about credit card offers. Credit card issuers favor customers who have a history of timely payments and a record of keeping their balances to under half of their credit limit. To see some of the credit card offers out there, please navigate over to our site map.

Any time youre looking at credit card offers, you should make a point of thoroughly reading the terms and conditions of the card (the perks may be great, but read the fine print too!). This helps you decide on the low APR credit card which most closely meets your needs. All of the major card issuers, such as Discover, American Express and Chase Manhattan offer low APR credit cards to those who meet their criteria.

So how good is your credit history? If your credit rating is excellent or close to excellent, then you can take advantage of the incredible rewards programs that Chase, Merrill Lynch, Capital One and discover provide to people who use their credit cards; and a great reason for keeping your credit rating high.

Managing your money carefully is something which deserves to be rewarded. Credit card issuers recognize that it can be a strain to make all of your payments on time every month and to resist the temptation to overspend with your credit cards. Card issuers are happy to show their appreciation for responsible cardholders by offering them low APR credit cards.

As if a low APR wasn't already incentive enough, these offers provide cardholders with rewards programs which improve on an already good thing, such as cash back (sometimes as high a 20%) on select purchases from retailers all over the country and travel rewards. Travel rewards let you earn points which are redeemable for travel expenses such as car rentals, plane tickets, hotels and more!

Do you have a good credit history? Request a copy of your credit report to find out. If your credit is very good to excellent, then you can apply for a low interest credit card and reap the rewards you have coming for your responsible credit management.

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