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Friday, February 27, 2009

Make The Most Of Low Interest Rate Credit Cards

By Seth Bullock

Being that they are the best credit cards out there, low APR credit cards are available only to those persons who have good to excellent credit. Other than low interest rates, these cards typically offer a number of other benefits; think of them as a fitting reward for being responsible with your money. These highly desirable credit cards come with benefits such as:

*1% - 5% cash back on goods and merchandise *0% APR for up to 12 months on some cards *Interest rates as low as 7.99% after the introductory period has concluded *No annual fees *Your choice of rewards programs

These are just a few of the benefits available to the users of these credit cards. If your credit history is string, then you can choose from a lot of different offers. Credit card companies prefer cardholders who pay their bills on time each month and keep their balances to less than 50% of their credit limit. Look at our site map to see many different credit card offers.

Any time youre looking at credit card offers, you should make a point of thoroughly reading the terms and conditions of the card (the perks may be great, but read the fine print too!). This helps you decide on the low APR credit card which most closely meets your needs. All of the major card issuers, such as Discover, American Express and Chase Manhattan offer low APR credit cards to those who meet their criteria.

So how good is your credit score? If your credit score is excellent or close to excellent, then you can take advantage of the incredible rewards programs that Chase, American Express, Capital One and Discover provide to people who use their credit cards; and a great argument for keeping your credit score high.

Its tough to keep up with all of your payments, making them on time each month " and it can be hard to resist overspending when you have a credit card! Credit card issuers know this too and they show responsible customers how much they value them by offering these low APR credit cards.

As if a low interest rate wasnt already good enough, these offers provide cardholders with rewards programs which make a good thing even better, such as cash back (sometimes as high a 0%) on select purchases from retailers all over the country and travel rewards. Travel rewards let you earn points which are redeemable for travel expenses such as car rentals, plane tickets, hotels and more!

So what kind of shape is your credit in? Request a copy of your credit report and find out where you stand. If you have excellent or very good credit, then you can qualify for a low APR credit card and gain the benefits which are due to you as a responsible consumer.

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