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Friday, February 27, 2009

Managing a Homeloan during the Recession and Avoiding Foreclosure

By Tom Martens

Struggling to handle your home loan during this recession? Have no fear, a lot of families are. However, you need to take action immediately! Contact your lender and inform them on your difficultly to repay the loan.

You can protect your credit rating and the lender has many more options that you might assume! Waiting and falling behind on the monthly payments is the worst possible scenario.

Contacting the lender before you get behind shows the lender you are serious about keeping your home and paying your home loan, and the lender is more likely to work with homeowners who are serious about protecting their home, their finances and their good credit.

Ask your lender if they have any programs that can help ease the burden of making home loan payments during a recession. These include modifying the current home loan, reducing your interest rate or even deferring your monthly payment. There are options available, but you have to communicate with your lender and be prepared to negotiate. You might want to do some research on available programs before you contact your home loan lender to negotiate.

Sit down and take a close look at your monthly budget to see what expenses you can eliminate or cut. Take a hard look at the budget and trim the fat. This will help you manage your home loan payments much better. Also, look into earning more money by getting a second job.

Your home is always filled with junk and materials you no longer use. However, many people might want this item, which is where you can make additional income. Sell items around the house no longer used or needed.

Still falling short on monthly payments? Contact a credit counseling service. The credit counseling service will negotiate on your half with the lender, and rework the loan payments. Credit counselors are extremely knowledgeable and insightful in a time of need.

Managing your monthly home loan payments during a recession can be a nightmare, but it?s not impossible. Talk to your lender, cut your expenses and look for ways to make some extra money. These strategies will help you ride out the recession without losing your home.

The fear or losing your home is becoming more real in this time of an economic crisis. However, all is not lost! Stay in close communication with the lender, do your part to cut back expenses, and consult a credit counseling service if all else fails. Your home is very important to you and your family, perhaps your most important asset. Do not fear losing it any longer.

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