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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Home Equity Loan for Credit Card Debts Repayment

By Paul J. Easton

You consult with your financial advisor and he advises that one of your options is to use your home equity loan to pay off debt. He did not emphasize that much but you are much more eager and are now contemplating in using that choice. Before making that decision, read this article further.

Using a home equity loan to pay off your credit card debt is risky. You are trading a secured debt, which is your home equity, to an unsecured debt, which is the credit card debt. The contrast of a secured debt from an unsecured one is vital for you to learn. This is because if you stop paying your credit cards, you might not yet lose anything except your good credit rating. It's just that you'll be faced with a bigger balance later. But with the home equity loan, when you stop the payments, you might end up losing your home.

Many people had been tempted to use their home equity for varied purposes like paying a credit card debt. The company commercials can be very tempting because the home equity loan rates are normally lower than the credit card rates charged on your outstanding balances. There is also the advantage where the interests on some home equity loans are deductible. With home equity loans as well, the financing companies package the loan where your monthly payment can be negotiated to as long as 30 years to pay.

As a reminder, nevertheless, avoid digging up that last reserve of your home equity before you face troubles and could put your house in the line. Be conservative with this process and if you have future emergencies that would require you the much needed cash, you will still have some back up plans.

The bad news is, sometimes, the process of using home equity loans to pay off your credit card debt only kills the problem temporarily. According to most experiences, many people who use this method pay off their credit cards just to charge it up again. The bankers call this as reloading. And the process repeats once again. Only this time, there is no more home equity left. Get debt-free now with these tips on how to get rid of debt here

Getting your exit to this credit card debt cycle is crucial. By reforming your spending habits first, you could have not fallen trap on spending more than you are capable with. Not with this second chance. With your home equity loan together with the balance you expect from your new credit card's balance, you are now further in debt with the possibility of losing your home soon. This is going to be a very gloomy financial future to come.

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