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Friday, February 27, 2009

On your Way to Healthy Credit

By Paul J. Easton

One of the worst problems we have today is Credit card debt. Credit cards are very dangerous. It is a very dangerous convenience for those who likes to impulse buy.

Credit card debt is an ever growing problem around the world and a lot of people are finding themselves in a financial bind because of their over spending habits. Credit card companies are now very lenient with their protocols. They can now afford to just loosen up with their policies when it comes to issuing new credit cards. They even spend millions of dollars in advertising every year. No wonder why the world is in credit crunch right now.

Credit card companies rely on the fact that most card holders will let their impulse buying gene go run wild. These companies also entice these card holders until they give in to all the temptations with the appealing merchandise.

If you find yourself struggling with credit card debts, these are simple suggestions to ease the stress with that impulse habit. In fact, controlling your credit card urges is common sense. But some people are just not very logical when the emotional appeal kicks in.

First, stop using the cards if you can't control using them. There is no simpler way to reduce your debt. Cutting up your credit cards will very much alleviate the urge to purchase things that you don't necessarily need.

Second is to stop enrolling to new credit card offers. You ca \n always be tempted to take advantage of a new credit card offer. This is especially the case if it is pre-approved. With easy access to new credit cards, you will only run in circles. Stop credit card companies from sending you new forms for enrolment by removing your name from credit bureau lists.

Then, always pay more than minimum, if possible twice the amount of the minimum. Credit card companies have their strategies to keep you in debt. They offer low monthly payments. The reason for this is that the longer it takes for you to pay off the total balance the higher their profit is. In the long run, paying more than minimum will actually save you thousands of dollars.

As a conclusion, credit is a great tool and a wonderful one if used carefully. But because millions of card holders are now struggling with debt, be very careful with its use. Set limits with your spending and avoid unneeded purchases. By keeping those simple tips, you are on your way to a healthy credit.

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