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Monday, February 23, 2009

Before you make your final decision, check all these particulars

By Rem

It may not be the most absorbing of topics but if you have a burglary or all the food in your freezer spoils, you will be glad you had the foresight to arrange a house insurance policy. If you own your house, you may be offered a joint policy that covers both the building and the contents as well although this may not be worth it if you rent where you live.

While you are searching for the ideal house insurance, it would be a good idea spending some time going around your household making up a written inventory of all your most important personal things. An elementary way to do this is to carry out a walk-through of your home with a camcorder if you have one or a digital camera if not and take pictures of the rooms and the contents. In combination with the written stock, this makes a superb record of your house and possessions. Nevertheless, you should not overlook the need to keep your household insurance current so any new items must be added to the list and pictures taken as soon as possible.

Nearly all providers in the insurance market are able to provide quotes and terms online so it is possible to call for a few of quotes which gives you the chance to view the best for you. The advantage of getting an instant online quotation is that insurance quotations from major companies are brought to your personal computer screen in a matter of a couple of seconds. Online home insurance is usually less costly since overheads are cut from the picture so the providers can offer smaller premiums and insurance charges. You should not rush and choose a firm that does not have a good reputation just because they have offered the lowest insurance quote, as you may rue not checking this point.

Insurance firms call the amount they protection as the sum assured and this amount is the most they will pay out on your plan should you make a claim for total loss through damage, accident or burglary. The sum assured is often worked out by the insurance supplier for you based on figures for replacing the contents of an average house.

Although the contents of your household may all be important to you, remember your policy will not always cover all of your personal possessions. household workers for instance should be conscious that stock used to run that business from home is not always addressed as standard. Also, if the sum assured does not cover high value possessions, such as jewelry and electronic equipment, you may have to pay extra on your house insurance plan to insure them at the level you require.

Insurance providers normally call for particulars of specific items that may not be covered by their standard policy so be aware of this before committing yourself. Many people who work from home are caught out by this as business stock is not usually covered automatically. High value items such as jewelry and electronic stock are often not included in the house insurance and may have to be addressed at additional cost. The household owner should be conscious that whatever the stipulations of the insurance plan, it is the household owner who is responsible if a claim is denied for something that the policy does not provide for so it is important that these issues are verified in advance of any decision being made.

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