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Monday, February 23, 2009

Filling Out That Credit Card Application

By Kurt Russel

Charging it to the Plastic is a term which although prevalent doesn't do justice to the service a credit card supplies. And at the rate the economy is going and with the pace of life that we have right now we want everything done the express way. An instant credit facility is the magnet to those people desperate for a credit card and ready to spend.

We all want the benefits and ease of use which the credit card gives us but all this means that cash is slowly dying out. The problem is that most users do not fully understand the maturity needed when using and living with a credit card. One of the biggest problems today though is with the credit card applications themselves that are taking longer to process owing to identity verification. For the foreseeable future, citizens in the US will have to be patient as more identity checks are carried out in line with the US Patriotic Act being, which is the main piece of legislation put in place to meet the new security measures. But since the importance of having a credit card is top priority in the US many are still willing to go to immense amount of trouble that is coupled with it.

Now used at least once a day, the number of credit cards an American citizen will have could be up to ten, one of which will be used on a daily basis. With over 100,000 credit card applications in the system every day in America,, there certainly isn't any problem with demand for this small piece of plastic. There is a genuine need for credit and credit card applications are set to rise even higher in the coming years. Unfortunately much of this credit card use is for services that only benefit the people that create them, designed to tie people into services they do not need or can afford. If you have learned anything so far then you might be a little clearer about your obligations and what to expect when you make your credit card application.

Be warned though that just because you receive a priority application in the mail, you will still have to make a full application which is obviously for security reasons. The obvious reason for this to ensure that you are the person the notification has been sent out to and not someone who has just moved into that address. The advent of online credit card application forms has speeded up the delivery and confirmation that the application has arrived even if the acceptance process is still slow.

Remember that almost credit cards come with some fees you will have to pay so look out for these in the small print.

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