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Monday, February 23, 2009

Dallas Condos

By A. Kim

Normal single family homes require a lots of maintenance and repairs, on the other hand ,condos require very little upkeep on the building. The association takes care of most of the repairs and maintenance. This is one of the reason many Americans are turning to condos as the place to call home. In Dallas, Texas the recession in the economy has created many available Dallas condos at distressed or affordable prices than in the past.

During the building boom, many developers have begun construction in downtown Dallas and its surrounding area called Dallas Fort Worth area. There are an over supply of inventories of these condos due to the expansion in early to mid 2000's. Many of these prices have come down due to more inventories of available homes than home buyers as American's are loosing their jobs.

With many boomer's in nearing or close to retirement, many have sold their larger single family homes for convenience of Dallas condos. Giving them more time to enjoy their retirement rather than thinking about repair and maintenance their homes. With some condos starting around $150,000, you don't have to worry about hefty mortgage payments while you enjoy high quality life.

Long commutes have been traditionally linked with a larger metropolitan areas like Dallas. Dallas is no exception with many people moving into the area. It has caused a high traffic time for those who commute to their work in downtown offices. These Dallas condos make it attractive to live close, so you don't have to sit in your car for long time to commute to work.

Downtown Dallas is getting more shopping and restaurants with increased population. Many restaurants, upscale shops, high class bars are springing up everywhere. Places like West Village, Mockingbird Station, East Dallas is attracting younger professionals who enjoy the fast life.

So, think about buying a condo in Dallas, you can get a nice high rise condo for about $300,000. Maybe your in for a luxurious condos over $1,000,000, Dallas has them all.

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