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Friday, February 20, 2009

What's your Fiscal Fitness?

By Paul J. Easton

Living from one paycheck to another with no hope to attain that financial freedom? You are probably one of those worried about debt collectors hunting them down the road. You might be one of those who can't seem to develop a feasible budget. And you could be one of those who cannot save money for your retirement. If this situation seems familiar to you, you may want to consider again your fiscal fitness? Try to ask from help from a credit counselor.

There are a lot of credit counseling organizations that are nonprofit in nature and will work with you to solve your financial troubles. Just do your homework and beware of whom you trust your financial future.

Just because an organization is nonprofit, it does not mean that its services are free. It doesn't even guarantee that their services are legitimate. In fact, some non-profit credit counseling organizations charge hidden fees that may cause you to fall deeper into indebtedness.

As a suggestion, find a non-profit organization with in-person counseling. Most of them can be found through your local offices or online directories. Some of them are on yellow pages of your telephone directories too.

Many universities, military bases, credit unions, and other government agencies like the U.S. Cooperative Extension Service offer nonprofit credit counseling programs. You might be surprised but your local consumer protection agency, friends, and family are also good sources of trusted referrals. When choosing a reputable and trusted credit counseling organizations, choose carefully the one who will advise you on debt management, will help you in budget development, and, most importantly, will offer free educational materials.

Find out if your counseling organizations have counselors who are certified and trained well. Counselors usually will discuss your entire financial situation personally with you and guide you in developing a customized plan to solve your money problems.

I hope you get started as soon as you can in the decision to regain your fiscal fitness and get back in good financial shape. With your first counseling session, may you find the hope for a better financial future.

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