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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Saving Up while Having Debt can Hurt You

By Paul J. Easton

Do you have both debts and savings? Chances are you are dangerously overspending your money and you are in a crucial situation. Why is it so? Read a little more.

You are spending more money when you save and acquire debt through your credit card at the same time. In simple terms, when you save money in your bank account, you are in fact lending your cash to the bank. Then with probably a credit card from the same bank, you are again borrowing money from your bank with a higher interest rate.

The big difference between the interest rate of your saving account and the rate they charge you with their credit cards is actually the bank's profit. It is simply ironic because you are actually borrowing money from a bank with which you have lent money with. And with their profit due to the difference mentioned, it is causing you to be in a very disadvantaged position because it always costs more to borrow than to earn from saving.

This is the reason why I laugh and feel sorry at the same time with this attitude of people. These people who have both borrowings and savings with the same bank are just working hard to become slaves of their own banks. In actual fact it is a ridiculous cycle of lending you back the money you lent them and with them having the profit.

The concept of having some extra cash in their savings account gives most people a sense of security. But with the situation of keeping the debt aside just to save up and accumulating the interest charges, that is having a negative gearing every time. This leads to ultimately drying your emergency cash fund in your savings without knowing it.

The best thing to do is pay off your credit card debts with your extra cash in your savings. Even if this includes your emergency fund, it is still the best move to do. The main caution though is not to cut up the cards this time when you used up the savings. It is imperative to keep the credit cards available for now in case there is an emergency. Until you amassed the necessary amount in your savings after paying off the credit cards, then you have the option to stop using the credit cards altogether.

The solution is very straightforward. Pay off the debts before you save any amount. It is a simple concept of breaking old rules which are probably marketed by banks themselves. At least, you break free from being their slaves after all. Get debt-free now with these tips on how to get rid of debt here.

Being in debt is no fun, especially if you find that you barely have enough money to make it from one payday to the next, with no money to put into savings left over at the end of the week. The secret to help you get rid of debt is to learn how to modify your behavior when it comes to spending money, allocating more money to your bills and your savings account each month.

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