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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jacksonville Condominiums

By A. Kim

Jacksonville Florida like the rest of southern Florida have been hit hard by recent downturn in housing markets. The over built inventories of Jacksonville condominiums are rampant in areas like Overlook, Stonebridge, Wolfcreek, Campfield, and Point Meadow. The condos are perfect for those who do not have to worry about maintenance or high prices of homes.

The size of these condos range anywhere from 1,050 to 1,500 square feet which is a good living space. Demands were so strong in the speculative days of condos that many apartments were converted into condominiums, which left many inventories of condos unsold.

To reduce the excess inventories of Jacksonville condominiums many of the condo developers have offered upgrades and deals that one can't pass by. The price ranges of these homes are $125,000 up to $300,000 low compared with early 2000's where many of them were priced twice what it is now. You can leverage the buyer's market to get a good deal on one of these condos.

But one of the markets that are holding up better than rest of the housing market is the luxury condo market. Some luxurious condos have come to market in downtown Jacksonville. For someone willing to pay for luxury, Berkman Plaza Two, Peninsula, The St. Johns, and the Shipyard are good option for investment as well as luxurious Jacksonville condominiums living. The downtown location makes it ideal for those working in downtown, it cuts down on commuting time. In building amenities such as shopping, cleaners, restaurants, and security is other benefits.

Also, Jacksonville condominiums offer many things to do to occupy your time. Attraction like sports and museums like Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville allows you culture and fun for all your family members.

Just spend a day of fun in the water or the parks, or just enjoy the nice sunny weather of Florida. Now is the right time before the market rebounds some time in near future.

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