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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

College Tuition - Solely A Parents Responsibility?

By William Blake

High school graduation is upon you and your child wants to take the next step. College is not cheap these days. The costs continue to rise each year. This fact has some folks asking, should college students pay for their education?

Today we live in a competitive world. In order to be a major player in the game it is important to have a good education. Of course you want your child to have a bright future and as many opportunities as possible to succeed. A college education plays a major part in your child's future prospects.

Most families include more than one child. Many parents find it difficult to foot the bill for college education times 2 or 3. The children, on the other hand, are in no way able to pay for their education on their own with a small part time job.

Good students begin thinking about their higher education early. As they are nearing graduation from high school they already have an idea what area of study the want to enter and what college will offer the best program in that area.

In early planning a student can do much to help finance their education as well. By working hard in high school and maintaining a high grade point average they put themselves in line to receive scholarships and financial aid that will help them finance their education.

Financial aid can come in the form of grants, loans, institutional scholarships, and private funding. Senior year is the time when aid is applied for. Hard work pays off in the form of a lucrative aid package that limits the amount of funding parents need to provide. With just a bit of help from the parents, college students have paid for their education.

Parents can plan ahead as well. No matter where you live there are numerous college savings plans that parents can take advantage of as early in the child's life as possible to help them be prepared to contribute toward their child's college education. A good college fund can really relieve a lot of stress of college expenses.

If parents are worried about how they will manage to run a household and support a college student, start early. Prepare your child to shoulder some of the responsibility by getting their act together and following a game plan for the high school years. Parents can prepare early by starting a college savings fund in the name of each child.

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