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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Minneapolis Condominiums

By K. Kim

Greater Minneapolis St. Paul area is largest metropolitan area in the region and the state of Minnesota and has become popular among home owners. You can find Minneapolis's North Warehouse District and North Quadrant Region and St. Paul's Lowertown as the hot bed of Minneapolis condominiums where you can find many condos along the Mississippi riverfront.

Many of the new high rise developments and luxury condos have beautiful views of the city along the river. Warehouse and factory building have been turned into condos because they have stable structures that provide solid building structures for the condominiums. Some of these range from $400,000 in the lower end to over $1,800,000 for luxury penthouse condos.

Even with current recession, the market probably has seen the bottoming of prices. The inventories of condos under $400,000 have been dwindling and no now development is happening anytime soon. Many local experts are seeing price bottoming in Mills District and North Loop areas where prices are affordable at about $300,000.

The average days on the market for Minneapolis condominiums to sell is around 108 days which is above 28 percent from last year. Available inventories for sale and inventories in downtown area has declined to about 30 percent, which bodes well for sellers.

The good news is that the average price have increased 6 percent. Although foreclosure rate about 35 percent in great Twin Cities real estate market, the Minneapolis condominiums have remained at about 8 percent far below national levels.

Good deals will be bringing back home buyers in the spring, make sure you wait for the right time and right condo to purchase. One thing for sure, the real estate market will rebounds from dismal 2008.

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