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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Meeting your Financial Consultant

By Paul J. Easton

When deciding to get a financial consultant, don't follow the many people making the mistake of choosing their financial consultant like their plumber. You just cannot hire a financial consultant straight from a telephone directory. This is probably one of the biggest decisions in your financial life and this needs some thorough analysis and thoughtful decision makings.

You have to begin first with yourself. Start with deciding what you really want to do with your financial future. Find out what will probably be the role of your financial consultant.

After fixing your mind with your objectives, create a short list of a few financial consultants in your area. Check their credentials. If their credentials look good, schedule an interview with a few of them.

Since you are already fixed with your general goals, it is time to find a financial consultant in the area of your interests. You definitely have a specific financial need and the right financial consultant will have the answer to your problems. You will need a financial consultant with extensive experience in your preferences. That is the reason for conducting an interview. Gauge how their answers fit your lifestyle and standards.

Research more a little deeper into their qualifications. Ask for their certification. There are more than fifty different financial consultancy and planning certifications. One of the most respected is the Certified Financial Planner or CFP. This certification designates a financial consultant as a Certified Financial Planner. Always look at the consultant's work history too. Verify the kind of experiences they have if they relate to your preferences. Lastly, check for possible disciplinary actions in his or her career history. You may encounter several headaches if you don't spend the time looking for this information.

By taking the necessary step to meet your prospective financial consultant, you are showing sincerity and a great deal of effort in securing a bright future. It is absolutely essential that you get to know your financial consultant well.

As this process is very imperative, choosing a financial consultant is more than a walk in the park. It is more than just a quick look at your telephone directory and hiring some help. Going through the hassle of checking the credentials of the different candidates and talking to them are all worth the effort if you hire the best one. Take the time to conduct the interview and find the one you are most comfortable with and you feel most trustworthy. Establish a rapport with this financial consultant and you are on your way to financial success. Of course, it pays to review the performances every quarter after you hire and decide if he or she is doing a good job. Try these steps and you save yourself a lots of stress.

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