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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Buying Atlanta Condos

By J. Kim

Are you thinking about moving to Atlanta, Georgia? If your thinking about making this southern city a home, you should consider Atlanta condos. Condos are perfect for families and singles, with so many amenities one can find all they need right within the building. The weather is nice all year long and you do not have to worry about snow in the winter.

You will never be bored in Atlanta, there are plenty of things to do. You can go for a world class shopping or enjoy quiet southern night at home. You can catch the Atlanta Braves baseball games or visit the CNN Museum as well as the Olympic Park. You will never run out things to do in Atlanta. Here are some tips if your considering purchasing a Atlanta condos.

Make sure you do plenty of research, credible and legitimate website now offer many listing with photos and detail information about the property. Compare prices in, stay away from comparable sales prices within certain sub markets. The prices can swing wildly depending on the neighborhood you choose. But most of all, make sure you visit the property and do a thorough walk around. Contract a Realtor if you need assistance and need some advices.

Make a thorough inspection of the property, maybe visit the property in the evening. You can spot things you have not spotted during the day. Most of the Atlanta condos are safe depending on the neighborhood.

Atlanta condos market has been in declined for the last few years, with second half of 2008 sales falling over 88 percent from first half of 2008. With so much demand evaporating and so many condos available for sale, the downward price pressure will create some values for buyers.

Atlanta will always be thriving, once one of the fastest growing cities in US, but with recent market downturn in housing, market has provided some opportunities. With low prices and low interest rates, right now might be just the right time to purchase.

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