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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rely on a Fee Only Financial Planner

By Paul J. Easton

Finding the right financial planner can be tough. Here is a simple guide to getting your financial planner for life.

Let us first discuss the role of your planner. Financial planners will only guide to where you are going financially. With their help, you get through the proper financial planning details. So, unless you have a set of goals in mind, your planner will have no role in your life. Visualize first your dreams and general objectives.

Financial planning involves education planning, cash flow management, and investment planning. These may seem a little complicated but that is the reason why are getting some help. Additional financial aspects where your planner can help out are retirement planning, risk management, insurance planning, tax planning and estate planning.

It is always recommended that you find a person you are comfortable dealing with. Get a referral from your network if they have satisfactory service from their financial planners. You must make sure you only work with professionals certified with respected designations.

Here is one tip to assure you only deal with a trusted financial planner. Fee-only financial planners are impressive because you only get the most objective financial advice. These planners are compensated exclusively by fees from clients. They can be paid through a retainer or an hourly fee. Because they do not accept commissions or compensations from companies they endorse, you only get the most objective advice as possible.

With financial planning, you will be required to face self-constraints in setting aside some enjoyment and comfort today for long-term gratification in the future. To be successful, your financial plan should be based on your lifestyle. Postponing some current pleasures of today will be tolerable when set at the very beginning. Over the term of the plan, you will learn discipline and the joy of delayed gratification.

In situations where it involves current sacrifices, the plan is a concrete basis to provide you with a guide. This helps ensure that your pursuit of the goal will carry on. A plan should also prioritize goals based on importance. Many financial plans are doomed to failure because some of these practical points were not given consideration at the start.

This is just a basic guide in looking for a financial planner and setting up a plan. With adequate communication and by understanding first your own needs, your financial plan will have a greater chance of success. Find the right type of service from the right type of financial planner and build our trust gradually. And only look for a fee-only financial planner as much as possible.

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