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Saturday, February 21, 2009

How To Buy An Owner Financed Home in Austin, TX

By Laeverneus Homebuysky

If you are on the market for buying a home of your own but don't meet the requirements for a traditional mortgage, you might be surprised to learn that owner financed homes can help you on the path to becoming a homeowner. Instead of throwing away money each month on a rental payment, you can take advantage of an owner financed home in Austin, TX to begin to build your own home equity. With owner finance options, your payments will someday allow you to own the home outright.

The way owner finance homes in Austin work is that instead of borrowing from a bank or mortgage finance company, the seller of the home can actually finance all or part of the purchase price. While partial financing is more common " if you lack funds for a deposit, for example " 100% financing may be possible depending on the terms the seller is willing to offer.

If you've been looking for an owner finance home in Austin, TX by perusing real estate listings and ads, chances are you haven't seen too many owner financed homes for sale. Don't get discouraged " they are available " you just need to know where to look, and how to approach a seller about an owner finance option. Though a particular seller might not advertise owner financing, if a home has been on the market for a while and the seller does not want to budge on the price, then they might be willing to consider owner financing. Of course, this depends on whether the current Austin owner is in a good financial position to take on an owner finance contract, but you'll never know unless you make a proposal.

There are also websites, which specialize in marketing owner finance homes. You may not have to meet normal lending criteria but you will have to be able to prove your capacity to pay the required monthly payment. These payments are often higher than if you took out a traditional mortgage, however if you are able to make them they can be a means to an end. Once you build a history of payments and create equity in your home, you may be able to refinance with a bank or other traditional lender at a lower interest rate.

One of the most important things to do if you are considering buying an Austin, TX owner finance home is to hire an attorney to go over the contract and any other pertinent paperwork. You need to clearly understand what you are agreeing to, and you will want to make sure there aren't any stiff pre-payment penalties that would prevent you from refinancing down the road. Understanding your rights and obligations is very important before signing a contract.

Austin area owner financed homes are a popular way for owners to sell their properties at prices they want and do so quickly. However, buyers need to beware that sellers are not doing them a favor. Buyers need to be very careful before agreeing to purchase using seller finance. You should obtain a building inspection report and have the property professionally surveyed.

It is important to proceed carefully, even though you may be eager to seal the deal quickly in your quest for homeownership. Owner financed homes in Austin can allow you to become a homeowner, but dont rush " make sure you aren't buying a problem home or succumbing to a predatory loan contract. Treat owner finance homes with caution, and make sure you do your research before signing on the dotted line.

With careful planning and research, an owner financed home in Austin, TX can create a path to homeownership when other avenues are not available. If you have a long term plan for your success in buying an owner finance home, you can switch to a traditional mortgage later on when circumstances allow.

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