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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bad Credit? Improve It With These Tips

By Linda Seamore

In the times we're living in, many people can easily attain consumer credit. People living in the United States are constantly finding themselves under a mound of debt that only seems to continue to grow. Being as much as $15,000 in debt is now more common than one might think.

The desire for sure and proven ways to rebuild and renew credit history is indeed on the rise, with more and more people getting into debt and feeling the overwhelming pressures of it. Unfortunately for most people, the term "budget" has a negative connotation. It seems more like hell than a save haven of rescue. However, the use of a particular type of credit card has proven to not only rebuild personal credit and credit scores, but to dispel the negative connotation of the word budget.

In addition to being extremely helpful, these credit cards also provide consumers with bad credit, who've been denied traditional credit cards and bank account, a way out of their misery. It is common knowledge that here in the United States, there must be two people earning income in a household for a comfortable lifestyle to be maintained. Moreover, if two people are working outside the home, then who is left to do the budgeting and financial planning?

They say that the way to eat an elephant is one bit at a time. Let's take our first bit and analyze both secured and pre-paid credit cards, and the cons and pros with each for your situation.

Secured Credit Cards Pros - Obtaining a secured credit card account is a quick, easy, and affordable way to build your credit. These cards will also help to better your damaged credit by slowly rebuilding it. They are used the same way you use any other card and are taken by vendors anywhere a regular debit or credit card can be used.

Disadvantages - A slight drawback from these types of cards is that in order to get one, you must put down a significant deposit, somewhere between $200 and $300 in order to secure them. The credit companies may also charge you yearly fees that make the card expensive. In addition, the interest rate on these cards tends to be higher than the norm. However, these cards can be your resolution to getting a better credit score.

Pre-Paid Credit Cards Pros - A pre-paid credit card can be a great way to provide you with the freedom and flexibility of having your own credit card, without having to be in debt. While these cards look and feel like every other credit card, and can be spent in all the same places, these cards require you to put money on the. In effect, you are spending your own money just like cash. The approval process for this type of card is easy and is a definite guarantee.

Cons - If you are looking to rebuild or establish your credit however, beware. These cards may not report your repayment history to the credit bureaus. If the creditor does not report your account, this type of account will not help you improve your credit. By carefully selecting these cards, you can assure yourself that you receive the most bangs for your proverbial buck.

You should also take into consideration that pre-paid cards are not accepted in all circumstances. For instance, rental agencies for cars and hotels may not allow you to make payment using one of these or to secure the rental. To be safe, you should call in advance and verify the various payment methods that vendors like these accept.

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