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Friday, February 20, 2009

How To Correctly Prepare For A Self Certified Loan

By Chris Channing

Obtaining a self certified loan is quite expensive in the long run, considering other loans are usually easier on interest rates and deposit requirements. In order to prepare for obtaining a self certification loan, and being able to pay it on time each month, there are several things to consider in modifying one's budget.

The first thing to do is to save a few thousand dollars or pounds, depending on your location, in order to pay the initial deposit. Self certification loans usually require as much as 20% or higher in deposit money before they are given. Obviously, this can easily span a few thousand or tens of thousands of dollars. The best thing to do in this situation is to save as much as possible before even applying for the said loan.

It's a good idea to submit a formed budget to a lender for review, where they can see the income and expenses of the applicant. It's nice to show to lenders that there are few, if any, expenses that are deemed unnecessary. Frequent dining out, excess entertainment purchases, and frequent shopping generally seem irresponsible to a lender. As such, the proper budget should be void of such things.

It's a good idea to pick up a self certification loan only after other payments are considered settled. Case in point is with vehicles, which usually take a few years to pay off in normal circumstances. Taking on an extra few hundred dollars in mortgage payments will stress the borrower to no end after a few months of experiencing the effects of a stretched budget.

Monitoring current interest rates is also a good idea in order to secure the best deal. It's average for market conditions to go up and down variably throughout the year- so picking a good season of the year or acting when rates are notably low is always a good idea. Patience is key in saving money this way, and even minimal changes in interest rates prove to be excellent in saving money in the long run.

When trying to figure out a budget, and get the best rates in mortgage loans, consider taking the most responsible route in each scenario. Knowing when to say "no" to an unnecessary purchase, for instance, is a valued skill to have. Being able to put together a working budget, keep a job, and keeping income flowing consistently is also mandatory. Put yourself into the eyes of the lender, and ask yourself what you'd like to see in a loan applicant.

Final Thoughts

It isn't too tough to get in the right shape financially- it just takes a little more work that what most would think. Try planning out your own budget for a few months and see how your finances improve, and then take steps in obtaining a loan if things check out.

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