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Friday, February 20, 2009

Baltimore Home Insurance

By J. Lee

If your living in Baltimore Maryland, homeowners insurance is necessary if you have a mortgage on your house. Even if your mortgage is paid for or you have used cash for your purchase, buying one is a wise decision. Anything can happen to your home and your personal belongings. These will be covered by Baltimore Home Insurance.

Many mortgage companies require insurance for their asset protection. Homeowners should purchase enough coverage on the house to protect their investment. By law they are allow to demand home policy from homeowners. If anything happens, they will get their investment back. Houses and personal belongings can be destroyed by storms or fire.

Customers that go against the mortgage agreement and allow the Homeowners Insurance policy slip can suffer a financial burden. If there was something that destroyed the home during the time where there was a lapse in coverage then the homeowner will still have the entire mortgage to pay even though they no longer have a home.

Whether by natural disaster or by accident, it is possibility that the house might be destroyed. Many homeowners think nothing will happen to their property, but you always want to be covered against uncertainty. Carrying enough coverage is essential for protection of you and your families interest.

The insurance company will notify your mortgage company once your insurance policy has lapsed. Once that happens the bank normally will send three or so notices to the homeowner advising that they must reinstate their Baltimore Home Insurance right away. Failure to do so will result in what is called force placed insurance.

Many who have been force placed insurance will pay higher monthly mortgage payment almost double. The insurance premium might be only portion of the force placed insurance. An force placed insurance is where the mortgage company gets their own insurance and places it on the property, ensuring their investment is protected.

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