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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Debt Management Plans: the Pros and Cons

By Paul J. Easton

A debt management plan is on of the methods used for paying personal unsecured debts. This usually involves taking note on all the debts, assessing income versus a budget, and negotiating lower interest rates.

A debt management plan also incorporates in the plan the schedule of payments with the lenders. With a guided debt management plan, the interest is best achieved with the end of the lender to collect all the debt. This is due to the well-studied evidence projected by your counselor to your lenders that there will be a higher likelihood of collection due to the more realistic monthly repayment from the debtor.

A debt management plan is best suited for individuals who acquired certain credit card debts which were taken to the level where they have already no control with. In this situation, the client have already late payments and the amount due are taking a huge part of income or even exceeding it. If the above mentioned situation is very familiar, your financial problems are probably stemming from your inability to repay your credit card debts. It is then recommend that you enroll in a debt management plan.

Consult your certified credit counselor and spend some time discussing with him or her possible pros and cons of enrolling yourself with this plan. Only sign on those plans after a thorough analysis of your financial situation and you are prepared to follow the plan strictly.

Here is a warning before you get started with the debt management plan. When someone participates in a debt management plan, the probability that the credit rating will most likely be damaged is very high. But it is not the debt management plan per se affecting the credit rating. It is rather the inability of the debtor to meet with their contractual payments they signed before getting that credit card. These details will be recorded on their credit file in the form of a default notice, thus leaving a negative impact on their credit report.

Before deciding on these plans, ask yourself first. Is debt management plan really for me? I hope you are guided.

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