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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting Your Own Offshore LLC

By Justin Lisk

Offshore LLC's can offer you much greater asset protection than what is available here in the U.S. Offshore banking service providers can give you significantly greater financial freedom and asset protection than what is offered here in our country. Offshore LLC's are more affordable than domestic ones and they will provide you with much more protection for all of your valuable assets.

LLC's (limited liability companies) were created in order to offer business owners a layer of protection by limiting their liability for the actions and debts of a company. Offshore LLC's offer an even greater amount of protection.

Professionals and small business owners throughout the country have been forced to find new ways to protect their accounts, investments and other accumulated assets. Domestic LLC's do not offer the same amount of protection that can be achieved through international outlets, and they are more expensive as well.

Overseas company incorporation can have numerous advantages. Jurisdictions across the nation compete in offering LLC packages. When selecting an offshore LLC provider, research the company in order to ensure that your assets will be secure.

If you want to protect your personal assets and possessions from lawsuits and claims offshore asset protection is your safest bet. There are many professional occupations that can leave you vulnerable to surreptitious claims that can bankrupt you. The following professions listed below are representative of the types of professionals that can not afford to continue working without offshore asset protection. However, there are also many other types of professionals that should contact an offshore LLC provider in order to see what type of protection that they can get.

If you happen to be a doctor, lawyer, pilot, accountant, veterinarian, consultant, or a ship captain you cannot afford to go another day without the protection of an offshore LLC.

People with following circumstances should also consider the benefits of an offshore LLC: People with a large amount of assets, high profile individuals, high risk professionals, or those that are facing or planning on getting a divorce, both small and large business owners, and anyone else who is looking to protect their investments and the possessions that they have acquired.

Offshore service providers can direct you towards many overseas countries and areas that offer competitively priced offshore LLC formation. An all-inclusive offshore financial service provider selects specific jurisdictions because of their stability, privacy laws, low maintenance fees, ease of incorporation as well as tax reduction benefits.

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