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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Financial Consultancy Service Basics before Hiring One

By Paul J. Easton

You could be one of those who make the mistake of choosing your financial consultant like choosing randomly food you eat on your favorite fast food. What you really don't know can hurt you. Financial consultancy is a big obligation for the professional's end but bigger for your part. We are talking about your financial future and if you are one of those who suffer from this ignorance, read further this article.

Finding the service of your first consultant can be intimidating because you basically don't know where to start. Some people just go with the most convenient and find the most available. But this decision is far more important than just choosing someone to trim or garden. You even have to begin realizing what you really want with your future and what your financial consultant will do for you. Just the general thought or idea would suffice. Your financial consultant will likely add more in-depth solution to your problems once he listens to your story.

Start looking for financial services from a financial directory. Start calling them and ask for the names of financial consultants available. Ask your family if they know one as well. When you already find three to five consultants, try to compare their credentials. If their track records look good, schedule an interview with them to get to know them personally.

You have a set of goals already visualized and you have a set of needs at this stage of life. Your needs might be different from the needs of a couple having their first child or a friend approaching his retirement. You just need a financial consultant with the necessary experience in the areas of interest you prefer.

Before you go to the interview, identify your prospects' key expertise. You have to dig a little further into their qualifications for more information. Check if they are certified. As much as fifty different certifications abound the financial consultancy field. The most respected in this field is the Certified Financial Planner designation.

From your prospects, find the one among them who has this certification. With this certification, you just have to give them priority because they are definitely brilliant in their field. This gives you more confidence with the financial consultancy you are looking forward to.

Take a look at this certified consultant's work history. Does the experience match your preferences? If so, then that's a good choice. A word of caution, though, investigate for possible disciplinary actions in the past, this will save you from committing a big mistake before hiring this service.

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