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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting A Mortgage After Bankruptcy

By Don Iken

The good news is that bankruptcy is not viewed the same by all creditors and getting credit may not be as difficult as you have been led to believe by other people. While bankruptcy may not be tantamount to financial suicide, it will cause some mayhem where your credit is concerned.

If you are interested in applying for a mortgage following a bankruptcy then you need to find an experienced and qualified mortgage specialist who can give you the best advice possible. After you have been discharged from the bankruptcy, you need to obtain a copy of your credit report and to review it carefully. If you find any errors then it is essential for you to report the mistakes.

These former accounts can bring down your credit score tremendously. Be aware that some of your former accounts may show up as delinquent but still active even though they were a part of your bankruptcy.

The sooner you are able to qualify for a credit card after bankruptcy, the better are your chances of obtaining a mortgage following the bankruptcy. For example, you can start to re-establish your credit when you are in your payoff period by getting a secured credit card. For example you could put up $300 to $500 of your own money and that would be your credit limit. It is from this money that you would borrow.

Credit card companies are aware of the fact that most individuals have little if any debt after they have come out of bankruptcy. They also know that you are probably scrambling to find ways to rebuild your credit. For that reason you might find yourself barraged by credit card applications. Tread carefully if the applications are free flowing.

If and when you are approved for a credit card the interest rate for the card will be high but your credit limit is likely to be lower than you would like it to be.

Once you have had a credit card for awhile and have been making your payments in a responsible and timely manner, you can then think about applying for a mortgage. If your payment history since your bankruptcy is completely unblemished then your chances of being approved for a mortgage are much greater.

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