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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Credit Cards Will be Protected by This Loan

By Dillon Azungen

There is no more misused phrase in the entire economic universe than 'credit card debt consolidation loan.' Most North Americans do not possess the determination required to take out a debt consolidation mortgage and make it work. To have it actually work, you have to stop using your cards. The idea of the debt consolidation loan is not to have you go deeper into debt. It appears that some folks never learn.

However, there are good ways of eliminating your debt, which may not be the best way, but it can offer you temporary relief as you accrue even more credit card debt. If you're not careful, you'll be able to grow an even larger debt so that you have to apply for a larger consolidation loan. God bless America.

In order for a credit card debt loan to have any sense at all, you have to sit down and choose which credit cards will be protected by this loan. After that, you will need to destroy those very cards and cancel the accounts. If all you want to do is reassign the balance to a new type of vehicle called a debt consolidation loan, then you ought to know that there are other ways to do this. Because if that is what you're about to do it makes about as much common sense as a credit card that permits you to spend on credit.

So, if you're not ready to demolish your cards, and cancel accounts, then this consolidation loan is actually about to make things worse for you. If, on the other hand, you can find a way to limit yourself, then you may be able to use a 'credit card debt loan' to your advantage and start how to eliminate that debt.

Might As Well Keep It as Credit Card Debt If, on the other hand, you cannot shred your cards with glee, pick up the phone, and cancel accounts, then you may as well just find a different form of credit card debt consolidation. That form is called the transfer of debt to a different card. You probably have offers already in the mail telling you that you should transfer your credit card balance to their sparkling new card and that you won't pay any interest on the balance. These are the 'deals' that you want to use if all you wish to do is find a way to keep on spending.

You should be warned however, that these kinds of cards will creep up on you from behind and before you know it, your tens of thousands of dollars more in debt than you previously were. Balance transfer 'deals' is how many people end up being so deep in the hole they can't get out. So if you're getting ready to do your second or third debt transfer, just stop and talk to a professional credit counselor.

Nonetheless, if you're not willing to destroy your cards. If you can't see yourself canceling accounts, then you're not ready for the help a credit card debt consolidation loan can give you. If you are ready however, this can help you climb out of the financial hole every North American is in these days.

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