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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reverse Mortgages Explained

By Mijnadviseur

A reverse mortgage is an excellent way to deal with the financial uncertainty that many seniors experience. Retirement sometimes isn't that easy on the financial side and a reverse mortgage is the ideal way to change that.

Compared to when they were working, income is low in retirement for seniors. The costs of living and care are rising constantly, which makes for a small budget per month. Many seniors do not realize that they are free to use the equity in their house to enjoy retirement, without even making monthly payments on a reverse mortgage. The equity can be turned into cash so there is no monthly payment and more financial space.

The senior does not lose ownership of the house when they choose for a reverse mortgage. After the reverse mortgage goes in effect, the home still belongs to the senior and they have full right to the value appreciation in the future. The reverse mortgage can be paid off at any time, or not at all. When the last titleholder dies, the proceeds of the homesale pay off the reverse mortgage.

To be qualified for a reverse mortgage, a homeowner must have at least some equity in the home and be at least 62 years old. The equity in the house provides the necessary collateral for the reverse mortgage. The credit history and income statements are not important for the reverse mortgage. If there is a mortgage or lien left on the house, these can be paid off by the proceeds of a reverse mortgage at closing time.

The best thing? The money that gets freed up can be used for any purpose by the home owner. The amount that gets freed up depends on many factors, including equity in the home and age of the lender. The money is oftentimes used for home repairs, travel and enjoying retirement. Because of the fact that no monthly payments have to be made, a reverse mortgage can give you more financial freedom and more room in your monthly budget.

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