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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Before Accepting that Credit Counseling Service

By Paul J. Easton

Are you the type who is not disciplined enough to stick to an already tested workable and personalized budget? Or probably you are among those who cannot work out a plan to repay your creditors. Maybe you cannot keep track of your bills that's why it has amassed into the amount you currently face. Why not consider the help of a credit counseling organization?

Today, there many non-profit credit counseling organizations that can be trusted to work with your financial problems. Of course, be conscious of the fact that for these non-profit organizations to survive, they have to monetize their services in a way or two. Despite their claim that their services are free, they can ask you some form of a voluntary contribution. Nevertheless, it is affordable than most commercial credit counseling services for big companies. And if they are legitimate and well worth your trust so far, the contribution is justifiable.

In contrast, some credit counseling organizations out there charge fees pushing you deeper into debt. These may come as a surprise in the form of hidden fees so always ask for payments and rates before committing to any financial service.

With today's convenience and high demand for these companies, credit counseling services are everywhere with local offices, online, and they can also be contacted through phone. If available, find an organization you can visit for in-person counseling. Ask friends, colleagues, and family members for referrals as well. They might know one they already have trusted in one way or the other. Always search for valuable information in choosing a reputable credit counseling organization. Since these companies offer their knowledge in the filed of financial services, ask for a sample of how they employ their expertise. Ask them what they can advise you on managing your debts. Can they do it for free?

Request further if they can help you create a workable budget or find some problems with your current one. Inquire what other free educational resources like workshops can you get before finally signing a deal with them.

Remember, only the well trained and certified counselors follow these standard protocols in providing their customers a guaranteed satisfaction in their services. Take the time to find your counselor; after all they are the answer to solving your problems.

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