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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Assess Your Finances Before Investing

By M Taylor

Before you decide to invest in any kind of market, you really need to take a long look at your current financial situation. Investing in the future is a good thing; however, if your current financial status is less than ideal, it could be the worst mistake you'll ever make.

However, that's exactly what some people will do mistakenly thinking that a 3-5% interest rate from investments is enormous while their credit cards bill them 9-18% plus finance and late charges.

First, get your latest credit report. You should, in reality, do this once a year. It's very important to read your credit report, find out what's on it, and clean up any negative items on the report as quickly as possible.

Let's take an example, one thing you might be able to get rid of are those credit cards with all that high interest. Organize your high interest credit cards so that you can pay off the ones with the highest interest first, and then apply the payments made on those to the ones with lower interest working systematically to get rid of them quickly.

Many people make a priority mistake when they decide to invest. In order to avoid that, see which are paying out on a monthly basis, look at all the dispersal's and get rid of the expenses that are frivolous.

Forget everything and listen, you'll want to look at what you're monthly payouts are, and get rid of expenses that are not necessary. For instance, high interest credit cards are not only unnecessary but just plain bad decision making. Your plan should be to pay them off as quickly as possible and don't continue to charge up those cards.

While you work towards financial independence, you could take the time to educate yourself on the various types of investments that are available.

Here's a secret: Investing doesn't make sense if your bank balance is shaky to disastrous, if your monthly bills are a constant struggle and you feel like you can't breathe out without hearing from a collection agency. Investing your dollars in rectifying your adverse financial issues first makes better sense and you'll sleep better at night. Progressing towards financial solvency will also give you time to educate yourself on the different types of investments available. In this way, when you found yourself financially sound once again, you will be prepared to make good investments for your future.

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