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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Securing Finances With Critical Illness Insurance

By Chris Channing

One of the newer methods of insurance that insurance companies are pushing is called critical illness insurance. This insurance, based on the fact that a consumer may be inflicted with a serious illness and need immediate cash supply, has many benefits over health insurance and life insurance. Indeed, its benefits are well worth looking into.

As life expectancy has increased, so too has the odds of obtaining a critical illness. Depending on the coverage, a critical illness may be defined as cancer, a stroke, becoming legally blind, or even going into a coma. Each of these mentioned diagnoses is going to require a large bundle of money to treat. Since life insurance only comes upon death, not having critical illness insurance could result in a financially straining time for the victim and his or her family.

The middle class family benefits most from the critical illness insurance plans out today, but it should be stressed that everyone should have some sort of cause in obtaining it. Even wealthy families will see their wealth slowly drained in paying for medical bills stretched over several years, making this doubly true for middle class families and lower class families. Critical illness insurance, in the end, is best suited for anyone who can afford it.

Some say that buying critical illness insurance is much like playing the lottery or gambling. While this can be true in some cases, studies show that by age 70 or later, the majority of citizens are going to have at least one critical illness to finance. Whether this be paralysis, blindness, or any other number of crippling illnesses- there is bound to be something to come forth that needs expensive treatment.

Those who are already paying for life insurance claim they don't need critical illness insurance because they are still financing their families upon passing away. This isn't the same thing, however, since critical illness insurance doesn't demand that the insurance owner be passed away before supplying money. In this case, bills can be paid instantly and excess money can be used to pay funeral costs, take a vacation, or otherwise enjoy the better years in life.

Like many other types of insurance, critical illness insurance is supplied by many different companies thanks to its major successes in the 1990's. Because there is a lot of choice to consider, consumers should investigate several different companies for best pricing and benefits information. Be sure to get a clear answer as to what is insured and what isn't- and be prepared to get someone to oversee the contract before signing it.

In Conclusion

Critical illness insurance is a great way to guarantee financial freedom even in times of peril. If you are afraid of putting debts onto your own savings or the savings of your loved ones, talk to an insurance agency immediately.

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