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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Advantages of Whole Life Insurance

By Joseph Then

By the time you finish reading this, you will be equipped with the knowledge about insurance. Well the first thing to note is that there are two major types of life insurance- whole and term.

In this article however, we are concentrating solely on whole life insurance. This type of insurance is bought on a permanent basis. The insurance will then remain effective until it reaches the pay out of the policy.

The policy will pay out upon the death of the insured or upon an event as specified in the policy.

Whole life insurance has a few major benefits over term life insurance.


There is something that a whole life insurance can offer which term life insurance can't. It is stability. Whole life insurance carries stable premiums, a guaranteed pay out and guaranteed coverage.

Another important thing that whole life insurance can offer you is that there are no limits as to time and often the pay out can occur before death.

It Offers Cash Value

One of the best benefits of whole life insurance is that you can enjoy its cash value. What is cash value? Cash value means you can borrow or cash out the money that you have paid into the policy.

This is considered one of the best policies because you cannot get that with term life insurance as there is no cash value.

Usually any amount borrowed is not required to be paid back, but the borrowed amount is taken from the value of the policy. This means if a loan is taken and not paid back then the final pay out will be less the loan amount.


Another advantage of signing whole life insurance policies is that is flexible. I am sure you do not want to be stuck at a certain policy. Well, by having this policy, you can add onto the benefit amount and change things as the years go on and your needs change.

Other than that, it carries cash value. This means that you can cash out your money at any time, you always have the option to take your policy elsewhere without losing the money you have paid into it.

However, whole life insurance is not for everybody as the premium are higher but it is the best option for people that needs a secured future for their family.

OK, I think you should have a clearer of what life insurance is. For those you don't know, life insurance is something that anyone with dependents and people who rely upon them should look into purchasing.

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