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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Student Loan Consolidation Programs

By Mark C Brown

The Consolidation of Student Loans

With the rising cost of education programs for consolidating loans offer the best of options to manage their finances and repay the amounts in time. There are basically two kinds of programs.

* Federal Student Loan Program * Private Student Loan Program

Both federal and private loans cannot be consolidated together due to the fact that the rates and terms of these two loans are not comparable. Government as well as private agencies offer to consolidate student loans. Choosing the right program, that will suit their requirement lies in the hands of the student.

Federal Loan Consolidation Program

Consolidating all your federal student loans into one single liability helps you manage your finance. Monthly repayment flexibility and reduction in interest rates are the two immediate benefits.. The repayment flexibility is offered by extending the repayment period/ term depending on your income and the amount of loan borrowed. Consolidating federal loans during grace period offers reduced interest rates.

Private Loan Consolidation Program

The procedure is the same as federal program except that rates and the terms of the program are more expensive and less flexible than the federal program.

Programs for Consolidating Student Loan

Two factors determine the success of a single liability program they are interest and repayment terms. While interest rates are comparatively lower which reduces the cost of borrowing, the repayment options determine the feasibility of the loan consolidation. Different options are broadly divided as follows

* Equal Payments - This plan notifies the equated monthly installments throughout the loan period * Extended Equal Payments - A 30 year repayment period for the loan taken

Improving your Credit Score with Student Loan Consolidation Program

The single loan program provides finance to both pay off your existing debt and for your immediate financial commitments. No borrowing and prompt repayment of existing loan results in improving your credit score. Positive credit score leads to reduced interest rates.

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