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Monday, February 16, 2009

Refinancing Your Mortgage The Right Way

By Guy Winsley

In these low interest days, refinancing your mortgage could save you a lot of money if done on time. In order to refinance, you should contact your current lender and ask about the correct procedures. Check this article for a few refinance tips.

Always do your research on interest rates and terms when considering a refinance. You will see that there are many ways to get better terms on your mortgage refinance.

The cleaner and better your credit score is, the better the terms you will get for your mortgage refinance. A good, solid credit score helps keep interest rates low. A good credit score signifies to a lender that you're a person that pays the bills, pays them on time and takes credit responsibilities serious.

Always make sure to ask multiple lenders for a comparison of quotes and rates. Many times, when a lender realizes he is not the only one you're asking for a quote, you will get a better offer than usual. Be sure to get a complete quote, with all the lender fees included.

Think ahead about the loan amount, the monthly payments and the interest rates when you want to get a mortgage refinance. Today, it's easier than ever to go online and in the span of a couple of minutes be able to compare rates and terms. Almost every lender does online advertising and thus makes it easy for you to compare mortgage rates and terms.

Make sure that your lender has a good reputation and that it's a stable company. In these days of unstable banks and crumbling companies, a solid company that can help you out with your mortgage questions is hard to come by.

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