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Monday, February 16, 2009

Is A Payday Loan Right For You?


When payday loans were introduced, they caused quite stir in the financial landscape. Now that these loans are more common, some regulation has gone into effect that sets boundaries to interest rates charged for payday loans. Should you consider a payday loan in your situation?

A payday loan is sometimes also called a paycheck advance. This is a pretty accurate description, if you keep in mind why most people apply for a payday loan. Many times, there is a little month left at the end of the money, and a payday loan is a handy solution.

Payday loans are very small loans, consisting most of the time of not more than a couple hundred dollars. A payday loan is also a (very) short-term loan. This makes the loan profitable for the issuer. Always remember: if you are not one hundred percent sure if you can pay back the payday loan in time, don't apply. Being late on a payday loan gets expensive real fast.

If you want to get a paycheck advance, you need to be sure you can easily pay back your paycheck advance. If you're sure, and you find yourself in a tight spot, a payday loan can be a good, quick solution for you. A payday loan is maybe the quickest way to borrow money, but not the cheapest.

Some jurisdictions in America do impose strict limits to the amount of interest a payday loan issuer can charge. A payday loan issuer is not a shark, contrary to what many people say. He offers a service and incurs considerable risk for his service. If you are ever in the situation of needing a payday loan, you will find out that it can be an extremely valuable service.

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