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Monday, February 9, 2009

Here's How You Can Make Money With Penny Stocks

By Grant Dougan

Penny stocks are business share offerings available to the public by businesses that are too new or small to have a listing with the dominant stock exchanges. These offer high return possibilities, and the initial investment can be very small, however you also stand the risk of the business becoming insolvent and you losing your money invested. The pull to these kinds of shares because of the fact that even though they face risks there can be huge payoffs.

When attempting to select a penny share to put money in in you are going to require to know a few things about the company. Just like purchasing other stocks, you should want to know the sort of business they are taking part in and what business plans they anticipate in the future.

One of the things that makes penny stocks so attractive is the idea that most of the organizations issuing them are rather uncomplex. One typical sort of penny stock is a mining organization that benefits when the cost of the material it produces increases above a certain level. There are oil extraction stocks that are valued in a similar way.

Penny stocks are believed to be a high risk investment, according to the SEC. The risks you might have with these stocks include indirect and incomplete reporting of financial information, limited liquidity and even fraud.

Keep in mind that the reporting guidelines for penny stocks aren't always as rigid as shares on bigger stock exchanges. One of the types of penny stocks is referred to as a "pink sheet" and has almost no regulation when it comes to their reporting and financial accounting standards.

Because of this this little or no standardization, this kind of stock is extremely vulnerable to being manipulated and possibly even fraud. Some people will use their influence to jump]work up penny stock prices, then they'll sell them for a profit and delist the stock. This is a well known con known as a pump and dump.

However, we don't want to scare you off! Penny shares always have risks but also have a sizeable potential for a large gain. You can find plenty of real, honest small organizations, and they have tons of potential. Tons of organizations that are looked to as penny stocks are headed to be successful in the oncoming future. If you're able to choose one of these companies, your return on your investment will be hefty.

If you can spot organizations that have promise, your payout are going to be large. It's possible that you drop money on several selections, but the one winning pick will provide such a large payoff that the losing choices won't matter.

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