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Monday, February 9, 2009

Real Estate - Getting Rich the American Way

By Mark English

Private Property rights are protected by our constitution. The "due process" clause in the 5th and 14th amendments of the Bill of Rights protects us from any government attempt to deprive us of our property, without "due process of law." This means that any law, or any action against our property is subject to the courts review as to its constitutionality. This not only protects the owner, but also protects any creditor who may have a legally vested interest in our property. For example, if you give an EVERGREEN COLORADO MORTGAGE to a lender, to help you purchase your home, then the lender is also protected along with you. We, as Americans, are fortunate to have these protections, because they promote home ownership and long term financial gain.

We all remember the warm story about Kunta Kinta in Alex Haley's account of his fore father's journey and life in America. Our children also need Roots of their own. Perhaps, you don't know where Your ancestors lived a century or more ago, but today You are establishing new Roots for Your family. When you buy EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE you are joining a dynamic community that will welcome Your Family's contribution, and give You "Roots" as You become a modern day pioneer on Your new Rocky Mountain Homestead.

One for the special pleasures You will enjoy when you buy EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE is the vibrant community atmosphere here in Evergreen. Downtown Evergreen is a delightful, quaint little village. The charming shops and curiously familiar restaurants have that special resort feel. Take a stroll around Evergreen Lake and drink in the surrounding Rocky Mountain vistas that wall the valley where this pristine lake rests. The seasons drift by each with its own personality: the spring bounty with the elk calf's crossing the highway, the cool summer nights when ever star in God's heaven it twinkling, the autumn aspens fiery yellow leaves excite the heart, and the crackling Christmas air that carries the sweet aroma of the Yule Log burning the warm fireplace. The people are friendly, the weather is perfect, the commute is short, and life is good. Please, give us a call and we will find You that little piece of Rocky Mountain heaven in Evergreen Colorado. We are MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE and DISCOUNT MORTGAGES SERVICES.

EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE is in a perfect location. I have traveled to many of the major metropolitan areas in the United State, and I know of no other city where you can live in the Beautiful and majestic Rocky Mountains, while still being 30 miles from the center of downtown. All the major employment centers are only an hour away, during rush hour traffic, and we have a convenient public transportation system available. There are colleges and universities, professional sports teams, and shopping galore just down the hill. If you go west instead of east we have world class skiing, snow mobiling, big game hunting, hiking, biking, back packing, and so much more. Give us a call at MARK ENGLISN REAL ESTATE and start packing. We will guide you through all the mountain passes to you mountain sanctuary, and then find just the right EVERGREEN COLORADO HOME LOAN or CONIFER COLORADO HOME LOAN to help with the purchase. In tough economic times, wouldn't it be great to live in a resort year round.

With the stock market slipping into the doldrums, and CD's-Bonds- and T-Bill at less than 2%, EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE is still the best long term investment for accumulating a life time of financial wealth. We all want something for nothing, a return on investment for no labor or productivity, but recent financial woes have taught us that this is unrealistic. We are going to have to make money for our retirement, and the kid's college, the old fashioned way: we will need to earn it. Let us show you how to make money by investing in real estate. We will find You the property, and we can finance it with an EVERGREEN COLORADO MORTGAGE or a CONIFER COLORADO MORTGAGE through DISCOUNT MORTGAGE SERVICES. Real Estate can still give you a 5-6 % solid return on investment.

The Treasury Department is giving You a bail out right here on Main Street. They have lowered the interest rates to historic lows. A 30 year fixed rate is about 5 " % for loans up to $417k. Just think, if you got an EVERGREEN COLORADO MORTGAGE REFINANCE or a CONIFER COLORADO REFINANCE, and lowered your monthly payment by $150.00, and reinvested the whole savings by paying down the principal on your loan, you would be making 5 " % returns on the money you save, by saving the interest on your mortgage. Now, if You further took your 401k money and paid additional principal on you EVERGREEN COLORADO MORTGAGE, you would be earning 5 "% on your 401k as well; after all a penny saved is a penny earned.

For the bold you can take it a step further and invest in rental property. Prices are at 20 year lows, and you can get an instant equity position in many desirable properties. You can leverage your investment property so that your tenant will pay your mortgage and You will profit through rents, equity build up, and favorable income tax treatment. If you put down enough money, so that the rents will cover the expense, then it will cost you nothing out of pocket each month, but you will benefit from all the tax benefits and long term equity. We can even look into an EVERGREEN COLORADO REFINANCE of you current home to free up the cash to get you started.

One of the great advantages to EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE investing is that you get better tax advantages that you would get with a 401k. When the time comes to draw out money from your 401k you will pay the current tax rate in effect at the time. The money on your retirement fund has been deferred, not forgiven. Who knows what the tax rate will be when your retirement arrives, but at the rate the politicians have been spending it to bail out Wall Street and the major banks, I have to think there will be high taxes in the future. However, when you invest in Real Estate all your tax liability is covered, even though you own no tax, and Your income has already been claimed on your 1040, so You will not own any more tax on Your profits. All Your expenses for You EVERGREEN COLORADO MORTGAGE and your CONIFER COLORADO MORTGAGE will be deductible and, in addition, you can claim depreciation to cover the tax liability of a portion of your other regular income.

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