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Monday, February 23, 2009

Free money finance

By reklicom

Making Money Secret:You are what you think about." If you think about negative things and negative circumstances, you will get negative results. On the other hand, if you think positively about your future, you will achieve positive results. To determine (approximately) what the MAP is, you should check several stores for a product. If they are all advertising the product on sale for around the same price, it is probably close to the MAP. The big box stores often stick to the MAP in their sale advertisements. You can sometimes find sales that price the product below the manufacturers minimum advertised price at small stores. Smaller stores have less to risk by angering suppliers, so check the smaller stores to save money.

Now, I am going to teach you the way to make money online. With the word online, it's going to be an online business. Why? Cause it operates 24hours a day and 7 days a week. No worry that your business is going to face some shutdown crisis.

How about getting into something that will allow you to help your friends and family find the perfect job and not just make money online? You can actually receive money for helping employers find help to fill certain jobs. You might make a few hundred dollars or you could take home a few thousand for the services in helping one employee get hired. This is not a bad way to bring home some extra money.

Anyone with hard money experience knows quoting double-digit interest rates and several points in fees inspires some of the more dramatic borrower responses in the industry. Brokers and lenders witness everything from stunned silence to emphatic resentment. For borrowers with little or no experience with the hard money loans, a basic level of understanding will aid immensely in the process of funding a hard money loan.

There are many out there who love to blog for personal use but how about blogging as a way to make money online? You do not have to be a great novelist to write a blog entry and the money you make selling ads listed on the blog will make up for it. There are many readymade blogs out there that only require you to submit your articles and a few easy clicks for setup. Each advertiser is charged a fee and the ads are strategically placed on the blog. The final step is to bring in the traffic but if the content you have is good, that should be no problem at all.

Generally speaking, the earlier the client is in the process, the more resistant they are to the reality that they are in a hard money situation. Asking some basic questions will help them understand the position they are in: What is your current interest rate?What steps have you taken so far to obtain a loan?Has another lender turned you down for financing? Why?How is your relationship with your bank? How would you rate your credit?

Your mind is thinking "20-something dollars" versus "30-something dollars." Even if your next thought is "Oh, it's $30," you are already looking at the product. That certainly makes you more likely to buy it than if you never stopped to look at it.

Also, retailers get caught in this game whether they like it or not. For example, once gasoline retailers started pricing a gallon using ".9" cents, how could any of them stop? Imagine if all the other gas stations had gas at $2.99 and 9/10 and one had $3.00 on the sign. The difference on ten gallons would be a penny - not worth driving further. But us drivers just see that they are the most expensive.

Making Money Secret:Start your own business." Hardly anyone gets rich from a job, unless they are about to be the next CEO at a giant corporation. Even then, you only technically make your money when you are physically at work.Really making money entails making money 24/7, when you work, play, eat or sleep. Start a business that provides you cash flow whether you are there or not.

Making Money Secret:Time." Time is the one variable on this earth that is the same for everyone. There are only twenty-four hours in a day and one of the main differences between the wealthy and those that aren't is how their time is spent. Wealthy individuals use their spare time to improve their future quality of life. The rest spend their time eating potato chips and zoning out in front of the television.

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