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Monday, February 2, 2009

Bad Credit Could Mean No Student Loan For You

By Tim Beachum

Not many young people care too much about their credit let alone worrying about the intricacies of student loans. After all they have enough to worry about with watching television and gossiping about who is dating whom. Then they find out that because of their substandard credit that they do not qualify for the standard student loans. This is the first devastating blow of reality. Its understandable why most young people would be a little discouraged.

If you should find yourself in this predicament the first thing that you should do is start hunting down a co-signer. In most cases you are met with rejection when you approach someone to be a co-signer. However when asking someone to co-sign for a student loan they are usually a little more acceptable. Make sure that you approach your prospect with your career plans in hand.

If you do land a qualified cosigner this works out to your advantage. The financial institution will take the cosigners credit score into consideration. Thus landing the student a better loan with a lower interest rate. If a student has a poor credit score chances are this may be the best route for you.

BUT what if you have contacted every individual that you could think of. You have knocked on every door and still you have no luck finding a cosigner. Do not jump ship just yet you still have other options. Try giving your local banks and other financial lenders a call. Chances are that they have some sort of program that will fit your current situation. The downside is your interest rates are going to be sky high.

Once you finally find a loan that works for your situation dont start to think about it to deeply. Thinking about those high interest rates is not where your focus needs to be at this point in your life. Look at it this way - most college courses take 4-5 years for a student to complete. This is more than enough time for you to reestablish your credit at which time you can refinance your high interest rate loan for one with a much lower rate.

There is one more option I would like to make you aware of. That option is known as a combination loan or a combo loan. What it does is allows the student to consolidate all of their debts and apply for one big loan that will cover everything. By using the combination technique chances are you will end up with a fairly lower interest rate.

Hold on a second! Stop the presses! I almost forgot about two loans that are primarily geared towards those that may be having some financial hardships. Those loans are known as the Stafford Loan and The Perkins Loan.

Please realize that at first all of this may seem a bit overwhelming. The truth of the matter is its nothing more than a mere numbers game. If you go on the Internet and apply for every student loan and scholarship program that you could find you would be astounded at the numbers. The fact of the matter is if you just continue applying for several scholarships and loans, I can pretty much guaranteed that at the end of the day you will be approved for a few of them at least. Whatever you do keep the faith and dont give up, who knows you may just get a free ride regardless of your financial situation.

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