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Sunday, February 1, 2009

How To Truly Master Auto Financing

By John Brennan

You may have some trouble discovering the right car loan for you, but you will not have trouble finding your dream car. Details vary with each personal bank and dealer finance department if you are looking into financing your new car. However, you must understand the workings of the car loan so that every penny of your money is well spent.

There are many companies that promise the best auto loan deals in order to get you in the door and signed on a car contract. A financing contract for a car works very similar to other installment contracts that become amortized over a specified and predetermined time period.

Upon review of your application and personal credit history a lender will then make a decision to underwrite your loan and calculate an interest rate based on how much of a ariska they consider a person to be. The worse an individualas credit history is, the more likely the rate will be higher.

The interest rate that is formulated is then added automatically onto the amount of payments for your new car. So, if you purchased a car that was $23,000 and are agreeing to make payments on it for 5 years, the $383.00 that would be the base amount of the payment would increase based upon your rate of interest. For many people, the interest rate is what makes the difference between an affordable monthly payment and a monthly payment that is out of reach.

Of course, if you have liquidated funds to put toward the purchase at the start of the contract you will ultimately pay less in interest charges because you have put some equity into your purchase from the start. Since interest is compounded monthly on the balance of your note, the best of the best in auto loan deals is to put down as much money as you can, or to pay off your note earlier than the specified date. This can save you thousands of dollars in interest charges.

You may think that you are done with handing out your cash after you dealt with the monthly charges and interest payments. You are wrong. You must pay car insurance so that you can have liability and comprehensive covering on the car you just bought. So, you get another monthly bill. If you want your charges in your price range, you should probably get a quote from your insurance company before buying the car.

The bottom line about financing a car purchase is to remember that a care will depreciate in value over time, so the interest you are paying can be similar to throwing money away. Financing less and paying more on your car at any time during your loan is a wise move, and puts money back in your pocket.

Finding the best auto loan deals when it comes to any type of auto finance is to save in advance of your purchase. Putting money aside to purchase a car in cash is the best way to avoid costly auto loans and high interest rates.

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