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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Annual Credit Report Review

By Samantha A. Bow

There are countless websites out there that offer free credit reports. Ever since they decided to allow every American to get one free copy of each of the three credit reports every year, these sites have been popping up all over. You've probably even seen lots of commercials advertising them. Why has it become so popular for companies to give away free stuff all of a sudden?

If you have signed up for any of these sites you probably found out that they aren't exactly free. Sometimes it's hidden well and other times it's easily found that they are going to charge you for something, if you're not careful.

They will give you free copies of your credit reports, but at the same time, they will sign you up automatically for a trial period of their credit monitoring service. Usually the trial period is seven days. If you don't cancel within that 7 days, they will charge to your card. This is why they usually ask you for your credit card information when you sign up.

I've heard people say that it's easy and you get the same thing when you sign up through this service than if you signed up somewhere else and didn't get put on a free trial. I say, why sign up for something and waste time entering your card information and calling to cancel the service when you can avoid that altogether?

It is true, you should always read the fine print and terms of service before you ever sign up for anything, but you also shouldn't need to be tricked into something. Is it really necessary to be so slick in order to get you to sign up for a service?

This could actually cause a decrease in customers. If they trick them into signing up, they will probably cancel because they don't like being persuaded this way. Who knows, they might have actually wanted to service and signed up if they were offered it more honestly.

No matter what, always be careful when you are signing up for something, especially when they ask for your credit card information. Find out why they need this information if it says it's free. Read everything, including the fine print, before you sign.

While these services are free and you could just cancel the service and still get your free reports, there is a way to get the reports completely free from the start. Just click the link below for more information.

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