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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Using Tenant Loans in the UK to Get By

By Mickey Smith

The amount of renters looking into tenant loans in the UK is on the rise. Whereas it used to be that homeowners were considered above renters, that is no longer the case. For the most part, an equal number of people rent and own their own homes. As a result, a lot more tenants are interested in getting a loan.

Tenant loans are considered special loans. As the name implies, they are designer for people who lease or rent. It does not matter what they are renting. It can be a whole house, a room, or a flat. The point is that it is now easier to qualify for this type of loan.

You do not have to have any collateral in order to receive a tenant loan. As the borrower, you do not have to offer up anything in return for the loan. This, of course, makes it unsecured. However, even that is preferable when you are in dire need of a loan.

The particularly good news is that they are available to all types of renters. For example, PG tenants, MOD tenants, council tenants, tenants who do not own their homes but live with their parents, and housing association tenants can all qualify.

However, most tenant loans come with a caveat. It states that any renter who receives a tenant loan must be able to support him or herself. Their living expenses must be met. That means they have to have enough money to buy a car, groceries, go on holiday, et cetera. If you meet these qualifications, then you have eligibility.

Of course, there are a few more eligibility requirements. For example, you have to be at least eighteen years old to get a tenant loan. You need to work full time and your income has to be one thousand pounds or more. Your checking account needs to be valid; it should include Direct Debit. You also need to have lived at your current residence for at least twelve months, and be able to prove it.

One of the nice things about an unsecured tenant loan is that they are available to people with less than perfect credit histories. Most lenders of tenant loans have come to understand that they much be more realistic and their requirements of who they will land too.

Most assuredly these are good times for people who are temporarily short on cash and need to make a loan. The possibility of approval has never been higher.

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