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Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Story About Signature Loans for People with Bad Credit

By Mark Richardson

I can think of fifty or seventy-five reasons a person might need to take borrow some cash for a short period of time. Think through this scenario - it's April 5th, and in just ten short days the government is going to be looking for a rather large check in the mail from you. Your previous fiscal year went better than expected, which is turning out to be both a blessing and a curse now that you're staring at your obscenely large tax burden.

You face one big challenge: in spite of the fact that you put in reserve the necessary funds for the government's bill, your tax account no longer has any money in it due to the fact that you and some associates took an unplanned vacation to Las Vegas. If only the government had sympathy toward your spontaneous lifestyle, you wouldn't have any stress right now. Unfortunately, they don't, and now you're going to have to get someone to lend you enough money to pay your taxes - or you'll be paying the penalty.

You have another obstacle between you and your on-time payment to the government - you have terrible credit. See, that all goes back to the time you bought a brand new Dodge truck because the dealer made you an offer you couldn't refuse, so you financed the whole thing in spite of the fact that there was no way your meager income would cover the payments. You were soon several months behind, and before you knew it the repo man was taking your shiny rig away to be sold at auction.

And now you face quite the dilemma - the government wants its money, your cash reserves are empty, and tax day isn't getting any further away. But it doesn't have to be a total loss - you can borrow the money you need, but it's going to take some creativity. You can find signature loans for people with horrible credit.

Let's establish the definition of a signature loan, but I suppose it's not too hard to understand. A person can go to a lender, put your name on an application, along with your address and some other personal information, and end up carrying out the money to get you through the week. Although it seems easy, it's not really going to be so simple.

How much money do you make? Any intelligent bank will want to know that your earnings are at least triple the amount of your loan amount. In the face of a sub-600 Fico score, big paychecks will soothe the worries of a skittish lender.

Another prerequisite to loan approval may be your demonstration to the bank that you can provide them with some valuable, sellable collateral to secure the loan. Nothing could make the bank feel more secure than knowing they can sell your car or your jewelry if you decide not to make payments. Of course the best advice is not to give something you'll actually miss if the lender ends up selling it.

If you can convince the bank you're not a major loan risk, you'll end up getting the loan and surviving the day. Next time you should probably be more prudent about the use of your emergency cash reserves and your tax planning. Don't let your financial situation become a vicious cycle!

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